The Centre for the History of European Discourses was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

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      » Religion, History and the Secular
            » CHED Seminar Series 2013 - Semester 1
            » Prato Workshop 26-28 September 2013
      » Science and Secularization
      » Anglicanism and the Modernisation of English Literary Culture
      » Uses and Abuses of Biology
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      » IASH Research Symposium on Enlightenment Thinking
      » IASH seeks to appoint an Associate Professor and Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Cultural Studies
      » Launch of UQ’s new Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities (IASH)
      » CHED Public Seminar - 'Living and Dying for Ideas'
      » Emeritus Prof. Ian Hunter awarded prestigious John Burrow Prize
      » CHED Public Seminar - "'A pretty kind of fiend or pygmie devil": Classifying the Fairies in Early Modern Europe'
      » CHED Public Seminar - 'Knowledge Stories: Narratives of Popular Science after WWII'
      » Professor Peter Harrison Publishes New Book : 'The Territories of Science and Religion'
      » CHED Public Seminar - ' "Physica Peregrinans, or the Travelling Naturalist": Robert Boyle, his Informants and the Role of the Exotic in late 17th-century Natural Philosophy'
      » CHED Public Seminar - 'Dangerous Minds: Contested Narratives of Criminal Profiling'
      » Emeritus Prof. Ian Hunter awarded prestigious Villum Foundation Visiting Professorship
      » CHED Public Seminar - '"American's Ongoing Anti-Evolution Crusade": An Evolving Narrative'
      » CHED Public Seminar - The Object of Normality: Composite Statues of the Statistically Average American Man and Woman, 1890 - 1945
      » CHED Public Seminar Series: Histories of Science - Narratives and Boundaries
      » Upcoming Conference: Rethinking Intellectual History, University of Sydney, 7 - 9 April 2015
      » Peter Harrison on Science and Religion in Europe: A Historical Perspective
      » CHED seeks to appoint two Postdoctoral Fellows to work with Professor Peter Harrison on his ARC Laureate Fellowship.
      » Public lecture - Professor Paul Davies
      » 'Exploring the Territories of Science and Religion' - A New College Lecture Series presented by Prof Peter Harrison
      » A Critical Genealogy of Normality Workshop - 12 December 2014 - Wellcome Institute London
      » ARC grant application workshop for Cultural Studies projects 2013 - Monday December 10 2012
      » BrisScience - UQ Research Week public lecture - Professor Peter Harrison (UQ)
      » CHED Seminar Series 2013 - Semester 1
      » CHED Symposium - The Aesthetics of Scale: Emerging Trends in Historical Narrative - Friday 11 July 2014
      » CHED-IRC Conference - Evolution and Historical Explanation: Contingency, Convergence, and Teleology - 17-19 July 2014 St Anne's College, Oxford
      » CHED/History Public Seminar Series 2014 Semester 2 - History between Art and Science - Thursdays 4:00-5:00 Seminar Room, Level 4 Forgan Smith
      » Congratulations to CHED Director Peter Harrison, who on 22 August was announced as one of sixteen ARC Laureate Fellows
      » Dr Knox Peden awarded a prestigious UQ Foundation Research Excellence Award for 2013
      » Early Modern Literature Forum - "Painful Love in a Dominican Nun's Autograph" - Dr Johannes Depnering (Oxford) - 4pm Wednesday 2 July 2014
      » Go8 European Fellowship
      » Grant from The Faraday Institute, Cambridge
      » History between Art and Science - "'Emotional Arenas': A New Concept for Historicizing Emotions" - Dr Mark Seymour (Otago) - Thursday 16 October 4:00-5:30
      » History between Art and Science - "Colonial Knowledge Making" - Prof Tony Ballantyne (Otago) - Thursday 11 September 4:00-5:30
      » History between Art and Science - "Intimacy, Gossip and Family in the Scottish Aristocratic Household" - Dr Katie Barclay (Adelaide) - Thursday 25 September 4:00-5:30
      » History between Art and Science - "Novatores: Novelty and its Critics in Early Modern Religion and Natural Philosophy' - Prof Daniel Garber (Princeton) - Thursday 21 August 4:00-5:30
      » History between Art and Science - "Reassessing Newton's Alchemy" - Prof William R. Newman (Indiana) - Thursday 4 September 4:00-5:30
      » History between Art and Science - "Wonder Books, Religious Conflict, and Cultural Recycling in Early Modern Europe" - Dr Jenny Spinks (Manchester) - Thursday 14 August 4:00-5:30
      » History on a Grand Scale - 'Analogy and Natural History: Another Look at Kant and Herder's Dispute' - Dr Dalia Nassar (Sydney) - Thursday 27 March 4:00-5:30
      » History on a Grand Scale - 'Early Modern Cosmopolites and Modern Cosmopolitics' - Dr Leigh Penman (UQ) - Thursday 3 April 4:00-5:30
      » History on a Grand Scale - 'The Natural History of Aesthetics' - Dr Thomas H. Ford (Melbourne) - Thursday 1 May 4:00-5:30
      » History on a Grand Scale - 'The Necessity and Contingency of Universal History: Deleuze and Guattari contra Hegel' - Dr Craig Lundy (Wollongong) - Thursday 15 May 4:00-5:30
      » History on a Grand Scale - 'The Return of Natural History' - Dr Ian Hesketh (UQ) - Thursday 17 April 4:00-5:30
      » Intellectual History and modernity - 'Early Modern Science and the Virtues of the Mind' Dr Sorana Corneanu (Bucharest)
      » Intellectual History and Modernity - 'Philosophy and/or Science: the Physics in Metaphysics and the Metaphysics in Physics' Associate Professor Phil Dowe (HPRC)
      » Intellectual History and Modernity - 'Science, Religion and the 18th Century Alantic Republic of letters' Dr Sarah Irving (UWS)
      » Intellectual History and Modernity - Semester 2 Seminar Series 2012
      » Ludwig Hirschfield Mack Visiting Chair
      » Narratives of Secularisation - The History of Political Thought as Secular Genealogy: The Case of Liberty in Early Modern England - Professor Conal Condren (UNSW)
      » Narratives of Secularization - 'Is Secularity Possible?' - Prof Simon During (UQ) - Thursday 6 June 2013
      » Narratives of Secularization - 'Public Reason Liberalism' - Prof Jerry Gaus (Arizona) - Thursday May 23, 2013
      » Narratives of Secularization - 'Secularization: Cartographic Sketches of a Modern Combat Concept' - Ian Hunter (CHED) - Thursday May 9, 2013
      » Narratives of Secularization - 'The Historical Jesus in Victorian Britain: J. R. Seeley and the Controversy of Ecce Homo' - Ian Hesketh (CHED)
      » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - 'Passionate Knowledge: The Dilemmas and Anxieties that Shaped Modern Science' Associate Professor Ofer Gal (Sydney)
      » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - 'The "Death" of the Devil in Early Modern Thought' Professor Philip Almond (UQ)
      » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - 'Historiographies of the International: The Balance of Power in Histories of the European States System' - Associate Professor Richard Devetak(UQ) - Thursday 10 October 4:00-5:30
      » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - 'Universal Acid: Evolutionary Theory, Literature, and the Limits of a Cognitive Metaphor' - Professor Nicholas Saul (Durham) - Thursday 19 September 4:00-5:30
      » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - Love in the '90s: Shakespeare on Romantic Misapprehension' - Dr Rhodri Lewis (Oxford)
      » Public Lecture - The Battle-Fields of Science and Religion - Professor Ronald L. Numbers (UW-Madison) Tuesday 8 July 2014 6:30 pm
      » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - May 17 2012, Dr Elizabeth Stephens (UQ)
      » Public Seminar Series Semester 1 2014 -' History on a Grand Scale: Philosophical and Theoretical Approaches'
      » Seminar Series
      » Summer Scholarships at CHED--Deadline 30 August 2014
      » Symposium - The Art and Science of Synthetic Biology: Critical and Creative Perspectives on 'New Life' - Thursday 22nd November
      » The University of Oxford has awarded a DLitt to Prof. Peter Harrison, the Centre's Director.
      » Two grants awarded from The Historical Society, Boston
      » Upcoming Public Lecture: Professor Brad S Gregory - 'The Reformation Era and the Makings of Modernity'
      » Visiting Fellowship at Clare College Cambridge UK
      » Evolution and Progress: An Uneasy Symbiosis - A Public Lecture by Professor Michael Ruse (FSU) - Monday 17 June 2013
      » Past Events
            » On Lying in Politics
                  » ON LYING - PROGRAM
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            » Transpositions of Empire
                  » Prato Information
                  » Transpositions of Empire: Titles, Abstracts and Papers
            » The Natural and the Normal in the History of Sexuality
            » Milton in Intellectual and Cultural History
                  » Program
                  » Abstracts
                  » Public Lecture
                  » "A Life Beyond Life": Celebrating John Milton's 400th Anniversary
            » Subject, Persona, Office: Methodological and Historiographical Issues
            » The Rudé Seminar in French History
            » Turning Points in the History of Sexuality
                  » Seminar Program
                  » Abstracts
            » Public Lecture: 'The Work of the Dead'
            » Bodies of Knowledge: Sexuality in the Archive
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            » CHED Public Seminars - Anachronism in Intellectual History.
            » The Persona of the Philosopher in Eighteenth-Century Europe
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                  » Speakers and Topics
                  » Titles and Abstracts
            » Feminine Sexual Pathologies
                  » Revised Version of Papers Presented
                        » Caroline Warman
                        » Michael Finn
                        » Peter Cryle
                        » Rachel Mesch
            » Emmanuel Levinas Centenary Conference
            » Charlatanism in the "Age of Reason"
                  » Conference Description
                  » Speakers
                        » Simon During (Johns Hopkins)
                        » David Gentilcore (Leicester)
                        » Iain McCalman (ANU)
                        » Chantal Thomas (CNRS, Lyon)
                        » Alan Corkhill (Queensland)
                        » Peter Cryle (Queensland)
                        » Beatrice Fink (Maryland)
                        » Marian Füssel (Münster)
                        » Margaret D. Garber (California State University, Fullerton)
                        » Sabine Kleine-Rossbach (University of the Saarland)
                        » Martin Mulsow (Munich)
                        » Peter Otto (Melbourne)
                        » Giovanni Pasqua (Italy)
                        » Winfried Schroeder (Berlin)
                        » Annabel Temple-Smith (Queensland)
                        » Heather Wolffram (Queensland)
                  » Conference Program
                  » About Prato
                  » Sponsors
                  » Delegates with Disabilities
                  » Further Information
            » Sexuality at the Fin de Siècle: The Makings of a "Central Problem"
                  » About the Conference
                  » Conference Schedule
                  » Conference Speakers
                        » Carolyn J. Dean
                        » Gert Hekma
                        » Martha Vicinus
                        » Vernon A. Rosario
                  » Titles and Abstracts
                        » Carolyn Dean: Tolerance, Discipline, and Challenges of Writing the History of Sexuality
                        » Jonathan Marshall - Keeping the Bacchae at Bay: Hysterical performativity and the Salpêtrière school of Dr Jean-Martin Charcot, 1872-1893
                        » Elizabeth Stephens: Anatomies of Desire: Sexual Pathology Exhibits in 19th Century Medical Museums
                        » Christopher Forth: A Diet of Pleasures? Sexology, Health Reform, and the Sexual Subject in Fin-de-Siècle France
                        » Alison Moore: Money, Anality and Bourgeois Civilisation: Freud and the excretory imagination of fin-de-siecle Europe
                        » J. Edgar Bauer: Intersexual variabilities and phallic restorations: on Otto Weininger's and Sigmund Freud's Reception of Magnus Hirschfeld's 'Zwischenstufenlehre'.
                        » Gabrielle Houbre: Les bâtards d'Hermès et d'Aphrodite : singularités du sexe et curiosité médicale dans la France fin de siècle
                        » Gert Hekma: Jacob Israel de Haan: sexology, poetry, politics
                        » Máire Cross: Between Sexual Conservatism and Political Subversion. Contrasting Images of would-be Emancipators in fin de siècle France
                        » Ofer Nur: The kibbutz movement and the model of the Männerbund
                        » Peter Cryle: The Aesthetics of the Spasm
                        » Michael Wilson: The Freemasonry of Pederasts: Male Same-Sex Sexuality in French Print Culture, 1880-1914
                        » Heike Bauer: The Measurement of Civilisation: Sexology and African Female Sexual Practice at the Fin de Siècle.
                        » Martha Vicinus: 'Faun Love': The Aesthetic Desire of Michael Field and Bernard Berenson
                        » Virginia Blain: One Night Stanzas: Olive Custance, Natalie Barney and the Ethics of Pleasure"
                        » Barbara Caine: Bloomsbury anticipations: Jane Strachey, Dorothy Bussy and the story of 'Olivia'
                        » Ron Frey: A Short Genealogy of the Sex Drive
                        » Gary Foster: A Different Kind of Act
                        » Vernon Rosario: Sex and Heredity at the Fins-de-Siècles
            » Virtual Maths mini-conference
                  » Abstracts
                  » Speakers
            » The Persona of the Philosopher in Early Modern Europe
                  » The Project
                  » The Seminar
                  » The Speakers
                  » The Schedule
                  » Titles and Abstracts
                        » David Burchell
                        » Conal Condren
                        » John Cottingham
                        » Catherine Curtis
                        » Robert v. Friedeburg
                        » Stephen Gaukroger
                        » Karen Green and Jacqueline Broad
                        » Knud Haakonssen
                        » Peter Harrison
                        » David Saunders
                        » Ian Hunter
                        » Richard Serjeantson
                        » Richard Yeo
                  » Further Information
            » Histories of Heresy in Medieval and Early Modern Europe
                  » Conference Description
                  » Speakers
                        » David Burchell
                        » Cary J. Nederman, Texas A & M University
                        » Conal Condren, University of New South Wales
                        » Constant J. Mews, Monash University
                        » Craig D'Alton
                        » Ian Hunter, University of Queensland
                        » John Christian Laursen, University of California Riverside
                        » Paul Hayward, University of Otago
                        » Sandra Pott, University of Hamburg
                        » Takashi Shogimen, Independent Scholar
                        » Thomas A. Fudge, University of Canterbury
                        » Thomas Ahnert, University of Edinburgh
                  » Further Information
            » Symposium Lecture by Ian Hunter
            » Symposium - Virtual Anatomies
            » 'Science without God: Religion, Naturalism and the Sciences' conference at Florida State University, 14 - 16 February 2013
            » A seminar to honour Professor Peter Cryle
            » Australasian Society for Continental Philosophy Annual Conference 2010
            » Australian Academy of the Humanities 44th Annual Symposium
            » Book Launch May 20
            » Call for Papers for the Religious History Association 33rd Annual Conference, July 2014
            » Dr Elizabeth Stephens awarded an Australian Council grant.
            » Dr Knox Peden awarded a prestigious ARC DECRA
            » Governing Human Beings in the Age of the Brain: A symposium with Professor Nikolas Rose
            » History on a Grand Scale - 'Hayden White's Metahistory, Forty Years On' - Dr Knox Peden (UQ) - Thursday 6 March 4:00-5:30
            » Intellectual History and Modernity 'The Universal Declaration of Human rights in the History of Cosmopolitanism' Professor Samuel Moyn (Columbia)
            » Intellectual History and Modernity - 'Stories of Saint Domingue, Stories of Haiti, Stories of the World' Professor Jeremy Popkin (Kentucky)
            » McKenzie Wark - a public seminar
            » Narratives of Secularization - 'Science and Secularization' - Professor Peter Harrison (CHED)
            » New Perspectives on the Early Modern - 'The Jesuit Pedagogy of the Passions in the 17th Century: Nicolas Causin and Polyhistory' - Dr Raphaele Garrod (UWA) - Thursday 24 October 4:00-5:30
            » Past Seminar Series
                  » 'Reason and the Passions' Public Seminer Series
                  » 'Reason and the Passions' seminar series 2011
                  » CHED Public Seminars: New Developments in Intellectual History
                  » CHED Semester 2 Public Seminar Series - Issues in the History of Sexuality
                  » Contested Histories Seminar Series
                  » Issues in the Intellectual History of Medicine
                  » Professor Ian Hunter - Seminar
                  » History of Theory Seminar Series
            » Public lecture - Professor Sanjay Seth - Tuesday May 1 2012 at 2pm
            » Public Seminar Series 2012
                  » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - March 22, Prof Paul Turnbull(HPRC) ‘Global in Practice, Scientific in Spirit’: The Claims of Big History
            » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - April 12 Prof. John Gascoigne UNSW 'Encompassing Secular and Sacred Knowledge: The Place of Science in the Dissenting Academies from the late 17th -19th Centuries'
            » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - April 19 2012, Prof. David Christian (Macquarie)
            » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - March 8, Prof. Richard Yeo (Griffith) 'Early Modern Scientific Note-Takers: Between two Worlds'
            » Public Seminar Series 2012 'The Two Cultures' - May 3 2012, Prof. Martin Stuart-Fox (UQ)
            » Sensibilité: The Knowing Body in the Enlightenment
            » Transgression and Discipline in the History of Sexuality
            » Evolution and Progress Michael Ruse
            » Femininity and the Construction of Sexual Pathologies
» Recent Books
      » Peter Harrison, The Territories of Science and Religion (Chicago, 2015)
      » Philip Almond, The Devil: A New Biography (I.B. Taurus, 2014)
      » Philip Almond, The Lancashire Witches: A Chronicle of Sorcery and Death on Pendle Hill (I.B. Taurus, 2012)
      » Simon During, Against Democracy: Literary Experiences in the Era of Emancipation (Fordham University Press, 2012)
      » Peter Hallward and Knox Peden (eds), Concept and Form, vol 1: Key Texts from the Cahiers pour l’Analyse (Verso, 2012)
      » Peter Hallward and Knox Peden (eds), Concept and Form, vol 2: Interviews and Essays on the Cahiers pour l’Analyse (Verso, 2012)
      » Gary Ianziti, Writing History in Renaissance Italy: Leonardo Bruni and the Uses of the Past (Harvard, 2012)
      » Michael Ostling, Between the Devil and the Host: Imagining Witchcraft in Early Modern Poland (Oxford, 2012)
      » Ian Hesketh, The Science of History in Victorian Britain (Pickering & Chatto, 2011)
      » Peter Harrison, Ronald L. Numbers, and Michael H. Shank (eds), Wrestling with Nature: From Omens to Science (Chicago, 2011)
      » Elizabeth Stephens, Anatomy as Spectacle: Public Exhibitions of the Body from 1700 to the Present (Liverpool, 2011)
      » Peter Cryle and Alison Moore, Frigidity: An Intellectual History (Palgrave Macmillan, 2011)
      » Philip Almond, England's First Demonologist: Reginald Scot and 'The Discoverie of Witchcraft' (I.B. Tauris, 2011)
      » Shaunnagh Dorsett and Ian Hunter (eds), Law and Politics in British Colonial Thought (Palgrave Macmillan 2010)
      » Peter Harrison (ed), Cambridge Companion to Science and Religion (CUP, 2010)
      » Ian Hesketh, Of Apes and Ancestors: Evolution, Christianity, and the Oxford Debate (Toronto, 2009)
      » Elizabeth Stephens, Queer Writing: Homoeroticism in Jean Genet's Fiction (Palgrave Macmillan, 2009)
      » Simon During, Exit Capitalism: Literary Culture, Theory and Post-Secular Modernity (Routledge, 2009)
      » Peter Cryle and Christopher Forth (eds), Sexuality at the Fin de Siècle (University of Delaware Press, 2008)
      » Philip Almond, The Witches of Warboys (I.B. Taurus, 2008)
      » Ian Hunter, The Secularisation of the Confessional State: The Political Thought of Christian Thomasius (CUP, 2007)
      » Peter Harrison, The Fall of Man and the Foundations of Science (CUP, 2007)
      » Ian Hunter,Thomas Ahnert, and Frank Grunert (ed and trans), Christian Thomasius: Essays on Church, State, and Politics (Liberty Fund, 2007)
      » Conal Condren, Stephen Gaukroger, and Ian Hunter (eds), The Philosopher in Early Modern Europe (CUP, 2006)
      » Philip Almond, Demonic Possession and Exorcism in Early Modern England (CUP, 2004)
      » Ian Hunter, Rival Enlightenments: Civil and Metaphysical Philosophy in Early Modern Germany (CUP, 2001)
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      » Public lecture - Professor Paul Davies
      » Contingency and Order in History and the Sciences
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