The Centre for the History of European Discourses was incorporated in the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities in August 2015.

The information in this website is therefore out of date but retained for archival and staff purposes.

Steven Angelides
Embodiment as an Archive of the Present: Rethinking Adolescent Sexuality
Michelle Antoinette
Retrieving Creole histories: exploring hybrid bodies and mixed-race sexualities in colonial archives on Mauritius
Barbara Baird
The First “Lesbian Mothers”
Alison Bartlett
Sharon Bickle
Cross-Dressing in the Archive: Reading the Disorderly Body of “Michael Field” through Archival Sources
Rachael Binnington
Establishing a Body of Knowledge: The Electoral Commission and Institutional Memory
Marita Bullock
Banned Books in Australia: Unpacking the Subset
Jess Cadwaller
Memorialising and Forgetting: Archiving Normalcy
Mel Chen
Everywhere Archives and the Asian FTM Transgendered
Howard H. Chiang
Renegotiating the Narrative of Sexology: Science, Medicine, and the Making of Sexual Freedom around the Turn of the Twentieth Century.
Rachel Hope Cleves
Charity and Sylvia: Researching Love between Women on the Vermont Frontier
Deirdre M. Condit and Tarynn Witten
Nonlinear Bodies and Transcorporealities
Jennifer Crawford
“His Story of Sexuality: von Hagens’ Carnal Corpses in Body Worlds
Laura Crawford
Is This Body a Temple? Towards a Transsexual
Kristen Davis
Murdered bodies as archives of sexuality
Maryanne Dever
Greta Garbo’s foot or sex, socks and letters
Rebekah L. Edwards
Infection in the Archive: Perversion and Counter-Archive of Elizabeth Duval
Anna Efstathiadou-Adams
War and sexuality in propaganda posters: a case study from the Australian War Memorial art collection
Lisa Featherstone
Censored Sex: The Case of William J. Chidley
Katherine Gallen
Archiving and Memorialising the Taboo
Jennifer Germon
Hirschfeld’s Fictions, Money’s Gender: A productive encounter
Sarah Goodfellow
Dirty Old Men” in the Archives: Sex and the Senile Offender
C. Jacob Hale
Phoebe Hart
Orchids: Archiving Intersex in Documentary
Stephen Hobson
No Net Pics! Internet Boards, Archival Connections, and Sexually Explicit Amateur Photography
Laurence Johnson
Rape and the Memex
Jordy Jones
The Bodies in the On-Line Archive: Kael Block and the XX Boys
Roshanak Kheshti
State-Sanctioned Sex Change: the Paradox of Sexuality under the Islamic Republic of Iran
Bronwen Levy
Fiction As Archive: “there’s a book in it somewhere”
Amanda Littauer
Beyond the Double Reading: Sexual Subjectivity in the Archive of the State
Melissa MacLean
The organisational archive: dis(organising) bodies, sexuality, memory and disability at Family Planning NSW
Nicole Moore
Sally Newman
Sites of Desire: Reading the Lesbian Archive
Alison Oram
Régis Revenin
The Parisian Gay Male World during the Belle Époque: Geography, Identities and Representations
Stefanie Snider
Envisioning Bodily Difference: Politics of In/Visibility in Photographic Self-Portraits
Patrick Spedding
Exposing the Machine: naughty words (not) on ECCO
Kathy Sport
Frock Rock: re-imagining all-girl rock groups
Polly Thistlethwaite
Title to be advised
Jim Van Buskirk
Bodies of History: Researching “Queer” Repositories
Brenda R. Weber
Discursive Bodies: Popular Response to Kinsey’s Sexual Behavior in the Human Female
Carol Wical
Getting Sexuality Out of the Archive: Information Retrieval from Humanities-Based Archives

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